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Tyler Jamison Sweeney

From Tyler's parents, John and Kelley

Our firstborn son, Tyler, was born in 1993 in Kansas City with situs inversus and Shone Syndrome. After a few days in the NICU he had surgery on his aorta. He had a second surgery at 6 months old, on his heart. Although very thin, he grew and was a delight to everyone who knew him...always affectionate with a silly smile of shyness, a follower of Christ with big brown eyes that were thoughtful, exploring and joyful. Tyler was an old soul, with gifts of empathy, wisdom, love, and a sweet spirit.

Through three more surgeries at age 4, 9 and 10, Tyler lived full of joy...singing (though he couldn't carry a tune)...running alongside his brother at soccer games (because he wasn't able to play on the team)...golfing...serving at church...if you didn't know better, you might think he was just a skinny, happy boy.

But his life was filled with much pain.

Tyler had one big dream, go to recess. He was homeschooled

(and wrote many persuasive essays about the subject); we didn't have a set

recess time in our schedule, but on his last day he went to school with a friend

and was able to truly experience recess. Later that day, he was staying at his

mom's beloved friend's home and suddenly went to heaven...

and he is awaiting us to join him.

It is an honor to be connected to Tyler's House where we are convinced that

same spirit of hope, determination and joy can spread into the lives of young

men and women.


Live and love fully in spite of life's hardships!

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