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December 7, 2021



Thank you for your interest in partnering with Tyler's House KC's "FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD" fundraiser to provide snacks and meals for students to eat while spending time at Tyler's House or to take home for the weekend and during school breaks. We have been hosting "Thursday Breakfast" and "Pizza Fridays" each week and have provided dinner during special activities that are offered each month. 

Here's how your Giving Tuesday donation will help:

-A $5 donation will provide bananas, yogurt, and milk for our weekly breakfast

-A $15 donation will purchase a week of after-school/grab-and-go snacks

-A $25 donation will provide a weekend meal package for one student

-A $75 donation will provide a Friday pizza dinner for 15 students

-A $100 donation will 

Whether it's $5 or $500, every donation gets us closer to our $3,500 goal! 

Looking for another way to help?

Visit our Amazon Wish List and purchase some of the items for our care packages. They will be automatically sent to our organization. Link:

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