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Volunteer Opportunities

Become part of the Tyler's House community and offer invaluable support to our teens. Fill out the application below and let us know how you'd like to participate.

Please indicate the types of activities and events you'd be interested in helping with. (check all that apply)
Please your special skills or knowledge you'd be willing to utilize on behalf of Tyler's House KC. (check all that apply)

Because many Tyler's House KC Volunteers will be in direct contact with students once the programs have begun, all volunteers who interact with participants will be required to undergo training and submit to background check. Please indicate "yes" or "no" below, indicating your agreement to this requirement. If you indicate "no," there are many ways to volunteer at Tyler's House KC that don't involve direct contact with participants, but our administration needs to know which volunteers agree. 

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you soon!

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